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Sunday, March 30, 2008

at Gina's Gallery on March 25

meg took this picture of me in front of one of my paintings in the display window at Gina's Gallery and Boutique in Little Italy. (kinda got the michael jackson thing goin on w/ the glove) the reflection distracts a bit in the photo, but i like that the painting is there in the window for all to see when they walk or drive by.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Long time no blog

not sure where to begin or what to say
lots going on. in the last month, day to day, each one has been full. teaching yoga, learning yoga, reading books, watching tv---Lost and i confess, yes, i've been watching american idol. i'm hooked, fascinated, and amused.
the last week was spent with Easter--leading up to it, kids home...we watched Across the Universe-------------good movie.
since Easter I celebrated a birthday, yummy cakes !!. bought at white flower bake shop in beachwood. exquisite designs and colors not too mention how delicious the cake is. meg and i went on a bakery and art tour for my birthday.

the paintings that are posted were started on a snow day. i finished them earlier in the week. they're a warm up for some work that was started today.