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Friday, January 30, 2009

My Studio is Overflowing Sale

A few months ago I made the decision to have a sale on my website choosing the month of February as THE month to do it. This decision wasn't made without lots of deliberation. So many questions like whether it's a good business decision or not? am I giving away my work? Will people really want to buy because it's a low price--will it be perceived as "cheap" in a bad way?

But...my crowded studio situation put the kabosh on all my doubts along with conversation with people who have good practical thinking minds; setting me straight.

There is also the new studio being built. All the art in the current studio doesn't need to move to the new studio. The new studio will host new paintings! (some of my favorites will stay with me) In addition, in light of today's economy, offering my artwork at a lowered price makes it a possibility for people to buy if they're inclined to do so!

I'm offering my work for HALF OFF for all of February; if any of my readers would be kind enough to spread the word to art lovers, art collectors; those you think might be interested...send them on over to this blog or to my website.

Regarding the painting I chose to post today. It has been titled 'Journey' and 'Anam' (anam means soul in Celtic)and finally 'Anam Turas'--Soul Journey in Celtic. When I started this blog, this painting was one of my first to post. It is 4' x 5' and hangs on one wall of the studio. I began the painting in the winter of 2007, finished it somewhere in the summer or fall of the same year. (There is a fold that shows in this pic., it worked its way out of the painting. I stretched it after I painted it and the canvas I used had a fold in it) It is based on dream images and my thoughts on family, relationships, our life/death journey. Several people I love passed away, people I love needed care, people I love gathered to care for our loved ones. All of these people are in the painting in spirit, symbolically, in thought, and in name. I added my dad's name this year; names of the deceased are written in the upper left of the painting.
White Dog is in the painting, he's a dream image that has shown up on and off in my dreams since I was young.

So looking back to when I started 'blogging' and I look at all that has happened in life. And I look at all the art I've created and the artistic growth and I'm satisfied--with painting lessons learned and with painting successes. Plus, I'm excited--so much more to create, techniques and media to play with, places to go (another trip to Ireland sits in the back of my mind, I'm thinking 2010). I want to get out this summer and do lots of Plein Air paintings! Ahhh, such plans.. all good.

Lastly, looking back to the start of this blogging adventure; there are so many people I've connected with and it keeps growing! Lots of interesting and good people to talk with about art and a variety of other subjects.

Okay, I didn't start this post with the idea of getting philosophical and all reflective... so enough:)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birds on a Snow Day

Carolina Wren

Snow days: a perk of being a teacher for a living.

Today is very snowy, last measurement at @ 10:30 was 7 inches of new snow. I'd guess 4 or so has fallen since then. It's a luxury to just hang out, there's no need to go anywhere. I made chicken dumpling soup, there's plenty of hot chocolate, I've got good music (the Dodos are playing right now), Lost to watch tonight and in the meantime paintings to work on, rather, I mean to play with.

Also there are lots of birds to watch at the feeders:

Female Red Bellied Woodpecker

Female Downy Woodpecker

Just for fun (my own I guess) and whoever might be interested; here is a list of birds seen in my yard for January

downy woodpecker
hairy woodpecker
red bellied woodpecker
pileated woodpecker
house sparrow
tree sparrow
house finch
gold finch
red breasted nuthatch
white breasted nuthatch
blue jay
mourning dove
tufted titmouse
redshouldered hawk
great horned owl
carolina wren
brown creeper

Monday, January 19, 2009

Messin' around with a Palette Knife

(Click on painting for a closer, better look!)

This painting has undergone many transformations. When I started it, the subject was a landscape, but a different view and the colors were brighter. It was one of those days where I craved painting and didn't really have anything specific in mind beyond painting a landscape when I began this. From the start I didn't like the first painting. I rummaged through some of my reference photos and came across this photo which was taken with my cell phone somewhere along 71 N. Early morning lots of mists.

The painting was doing OK. I wish I'd taken a pic during the middle of the progression. Oh, well. So it was doing OK. Not great. I started using a palette knife to scrape away some paint, I liked the marks the knife left on the canvas. After that, most of the painting was finished using a palette knife, a piece of a credit card (good for scraping and drawing into the surface), a litho pencil, and some oil pastels. I feel like it's mostly done, it'll take s few days of sitting and looking at it before I make any changes. The middle section may get reworked-the colors were getting muddy. It is greatly changed from my reference photo, but that is why I like to use cell phone photos; they're used for general composition, mood,and some color.

Close ups of the textural areas.

This one captures the beautiful purples that are in this painting. (I don't think the picture of the whole painting captures the colors accurately.) I bought some supplies with a Christmas gift I received for the art store. I've been coveting a tube of Old Holland Violet for a long time. I indulged and bought it, pricey but soooo worth it. It's the kind of color that makes my fingers itch to paint, to mix the color with others, to see what it can do. It does beautiful things!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Studio without Walls

No walls. Next year at this time, walls! The view is unobstructed, gives a real cozy winter feeling doesn't it?

We bought this woodburning stove from friend who got a great price for it at an auction. Not providing much warmth now, but once it's painted and in a corner.....I want to elevate it on a low platform so there is seating around it. Tiles behind it and on the platform...imagine the cat sleeping nearby. The crackle of burning logs. Nice!!

It is with humble gratitude for this peaceful, amazing dream/reality that I ask you to head over to Zoom's Blog. Over in my sidebar. (Since I can't get the link to work, sometimes I just don't have that tech savvy.) Zooms puts it all in perspective. Check out her 2nd to last post.


May the sun bring you new energy by day,
May the moon softly restore you by night,
May the rain was awy your worries,
May the breeze blow new strength into your being,
May you walk gently throught the world and
know its beauty all the days of your life.

Apache Blessing.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fast Expression

FAST EXPRESSION oil on panel 12 x 12

This painting was done FAST, very fast on a cheap, very cheap,(about 5.00) piece of framed art I picked up at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It's 12 x 12 with a deep frame. It is liberating to paint on any old surface and let the brush fly. Gesso a piece of cardboard or an old canvas and go...sometimes my favorite paintings happen.

Junior Kitty in her studio spot. Because the table she's on is above a heater, this is one of her favorite sleeping places in the winter. Junior is also known as Schnook. The name Schnook has evolved from a name to a noun; in that she is a schnook and cats that look like her are schnooks, it is a verb; in that she schnooks around or she's 'schnooking'. It is also an adjective in that she (or another schnook) is schnookish. And I suppose it could be an adverb too, as in "Schnooks is schnookishly schnookin'"