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Sunday, December 30, 2007

No name

I finished this the other day, no title comes to mind yet. Any thoughts?

The last few days haven't been spent in the studio, but have been in the kitchen instead. I've been making soups. Soup and cold weather go hand in hand, don't they?
Yesterday was Mushroom Barley and today a White Navy Bean is simmering on the stove.
I'm trying breads too...don't know about this venture! I tried Rye this afternoon and had a heck of a time kneading it. You'd think with my ceramics background (wedging clay) that I'd have the touch. The final word will be when the bread is out of the oven and being sampled.

There is sentiment attached to the idea of making bread. My dad made wonderful breads. Last year when he moved to the nursing home while cleaning out his apartment, I took home his bread books.
My daughter Meg (the one going to Culinary School for her Advanced Pastry Arts Degree) spent much of this fall learning about and making breads. At home and at school. Watching her work with bread was another piece into my breadmaking foray. The other day I pulled out the books. While leafing throught the recipes and his notes, I figured it's time to try. Today is Rye Bread, soon I'll try his cinnamon bread---mouthwateringly the best he made!!
One of these days I'll bring him some bread. Ideally...edible and delectable!

By the way, a movie I enjoyed recently...JUNO. Loved it!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Sold off the Easel

A friend stopped by a few days before Christmas to buy a painting for his wife. We spent some time talking about lots of stuff, this friend is a great talker-and funny, very funny to boot.
Eventually we made it into the studio where he gravitates to this painting, which wasn't finished. I sold it to him along with two others (that were finished). I promised not to modify too much on the painting, it was almost done, just needed some tweeking. Christmas Eve he picked up the work, the one still a bit tacky. His wife loves the paintings. I painted on their property this summer and they saw a number of works go from start to finish, some good, others....so-so. They have already bought a few pieces generated from this summer's forays on their property.

I thought a few pics from our Dec. 15th snow would be fun to see. I'm not sentimental about having a White Christmas, this was good to have early and be done with in time for safe holiday travel.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gleaning from a Beautiful Autumn

Many of my recent posts have mentioned or really mentioned the beauty of this past Autumn, although technically its not 'past' yet. Not until Dec. 21st. You wouldn't know it here though, as its 24 F. and snowy.
So I'm not done with Autumn yet. There are still a few things left to paint, I hope to get to them by the year's end. We'll see....
This one is in a different format, the canvas is 5 x 12 and is marketed by the name SQUANGLES. The come in different shapes (triangles) and sizes and are affordable.
It was interesting to squish the composition into this space.
The colors are slightly off, the blue should be more of a purple.

Addendum to last post:
The painting I talked about selling and being there for the sale. It was sold to Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond). Cool!

Also Tom the Russian Blue has moved to Lakewood for the winter.