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Monday, June 25, 2007

The coffee is brewing.

While the coffee brews, I'm checkin email
This blog is a bit addictive right now
Hope it wears off soon

So I thought I'd put a landscape up for viewing, not sure yet what it will be.
Probably an Ireland painting.
I took a trip last summer with my sisters (2) and niece to Ireland's Beautiful West Coast.
Hauled the painting gear and produced about 8 little oils.
I loved painting in Ireland!
The landscape is incredible and it was a new challenge to paint the seashore and cliffs.

Painting aside, Ireland is amazing for the people--funny, mystical, kind, friendly.
The roads a bit crazy...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Quick Note While Dinner Cooks

I got a comment on the blog.
Just messin around with this last night.
So Thanks to Tracy for visiting me!
So I do have a gallery for my work and things are picking up. At this point they've just sold a piece and there is interest in another work. Someone from Philadelphia saw it on the gallery website.
Cloud Nine Again!
But the pics I posted are pieces that I haven't put out there yet. I've been showing lots of landscapes.
This is stuff I do in the winter...introspective works. The cat pics are inspired by Little Kitty who hangs in the studio near the heat during winter. I was playing with texture through brushwork and playing with space, shape and color.

Anam is another story. More on that later.

the potatoes call for mashing.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Orion Art at White Dog Studio

Here I am.
Trying the Blog.
I'll post some paintings.
Let people know I'm here.

What do I say?
Worked in the yard all day, prepping the flower beds for subject matter for paintings.
I think the bulk of the work is done, from now on its maintenance only.

Picked the first spinach from the garden.
Ate a great tasting spinach strawberry and goat cheese salad.

Now that I've created this blog, I hope I remember how to get back in.