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Thursday, November 4, 2010

and What?

This image wouldn't come up for the last post so it's flying solo.

This started as a demo with my AP Studio Art for a media play day using acrylics.  I added some newspaper, inda ink, and oil pastels.  Some areas of the surface are textured with gesso and then parts are scraped away.  All to get the kids to loosen up and play!  Experience the media.  It worked, the students produced some nice, loose images--no preconceived ideas or expectations.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boxed In, Bobwhite Quail and What?

I call this one Boxed In (how I felt).  This started as a demo piece for Media Play Day in my AP Studio Art class.  We were messing around with acrylics that day, I ended up adding india ink and oil pastels.  What began as shapes, mark making and color applications led to this image.  It had been a very full and hectic couple of weeks and I was beginning to feel boxed in to the point where tension was settling in my shoulder blades---Not good!  Thankfully artmaking is always therapeutic and such a release.  Often revealing the truth!

This afternoon when I took the dog out, we came across four of these beautiful Bobwhite Quail in the yard.  This is only the second time I've seen them on this property in our 14 years here.  Two male, two female. 
When I came inside I got a phone call from a person who had bought one of my paintings several years ago.  He came across my card in his desk, looked up to where my painting was hanging, picked up the phone to call me and tell me how much he enjoys looking at the painting. What a great thing to do and on my end, so nice to hear!

The "and What? " section will have to be a ?. Blogger isn't letting me upload the last image. 
Until next post.....