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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What a man, what a legacy.

Dad left us June 9th, 2008.
His departure was peaceful.
We (my mother, brothers, sisters, children) spent many beautiful hours in the days before his death keeping vigil through laughter, tears, storytelling and prayer. This time was extraordinary.
It is an honor to say that Art Scott is my father.


  1. Maryann, please accept my sympathy.

  2. Thanks zooms...for checking in. I know we are in the same boat right now, and my sympathy is returned to you. I understand more fully the place we go to when we lose a person we love.

  3. Tracy,

    Thanks for the comments on the collage and painting in the last post. Yes, I love these too! And I'm glad you chose to use it on your desktop.


  4. i am sooooooo sorry. :( i would give you a hug but i won't see you.

  5. thanks for the hug-thought, kristin. i can feel it anyway!

  6. Nice to see your site Maryann!

  7. hey, how are you? i hope your doing ok... i got pictures to show you from West Virgina when i see you... and i got some stories (they're pretty funny)... i met some interesting people there...

  8. kristin

    i'm fine and i look forward to hearing your stories (i'm sure you have some good ones!) and seeing your pictures.

    i'm off to columbus tomorrow for a week long workshop @ AP Studio Art. it looks like it'll be great. i'll post some pics this week.

  9. wow a whole week...sounds like fun... and p.s. you keep spelling my name wrong...haha it's en not in. :P