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Monday, September 7, 2009

The opening at the Geode Gallery Friday night was lots of fun. Lots of people came, the night was warm and clear with a full mooon. The moonlight reflecting off St. Theodosius church next door was glowing.
The Geode Gallery is the building that was featured in the scene of The Deerhunter in which Meryl Streep worked in the market.
Most exciting is that the large painting I'm standing next to in the photo above sold before the show opened. A great way to start an exhibit!


  1. BRAVO!! BRAVO!!
    Such a great feeling to know that your 'offspring' will have her forever home...may many more perfect matches follow.

    You and the work are lookin' good!

  2. Mary Ann (Ms. Sedivy) :)

    Great seeing you the other night - so random! Your portfolio is fantastic. We'll definitely check out geode the next time we're in Tremont.

    Please remember "art" captures thoughts/feelings/ideas on mediums like paper, photography, ceramic, and sculpture...but the greatest works of art throughout human history are the legacies left by those who teach and inspire others...

    Your inspiration will live on for generations...

    Mike Latkovic

  3. Hey Mike--
    it was random wasnt it? so great to see you too. i really enjoyed talking to you, meeting your wife. you are both comfortable people, easy to talk with. (i don't think wine had anything to do with it!)
    thanks for your kind words and thoughts in your comment.
    mary ann

  4. Hi Mary Ann,
    Haven't been to visit for a while. Your new (?) blog format looks good. Congrats on the sale of the painting (more to follow I'm sure) I am sorry for the loss of your Mom--it's nice to see the pics of her & your Dad on your blog. They look like good Pa. folk--makes me homesick for a long-gone past! Keep up the good work with your painting. I am still enjoying the little jewel you sent me.

  5. Hi Christine---so great to hear from you, which prompted me to go to your sites and check things out. I love the website, it is enchanting to look at and easy to navigate.
    Thanks for the comments on my mom and dad-they're origins are PA and before that Ireland, like so many in our part of the US.
    I'm glad that my painting is with you-in very good hands/heart.