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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Landscapes~~Oil Studies

When the Geode Gallery sent out the flier regarding my art show, within twenty minutes of sending it, the gallery owener received a phone call from an interested buyer regarding one of the works on the flier.
Wicked Cool and Wow!!
I met the prospective buyer at the opening. She had decided against the one she saw on the flier; the size wasn't right for where she wants to hang it, but expressed strong interest in a commission piece.
The pieces below are oil studies for a larger work. Which I'll do regardless of whether or not the buyer decides to buy one or not.




Each piece is smallish; about 8 x10 to 10 x 12. They're oil on panel and I used photo references after a visit to a local park. I know the park well and stayed for an hour or so taking shots. I prefer plein air painting, but for many reasons these had to be painted in the studio.

I came across an interesting article in The Artist's Magazine (Sept. 2009)about composition and design. The writer and artist; Ian Roberts, has outstanding reminders and pointers about achieving strong and dynamic compositions. I thought about the article as I worked on my thumbnails--working with value.
I worked on simplifying the compositions and for these pieces the buyer is interested in a 'dreamy' look; so I worked more with glazing than I normally do.
I enjoyed tinkering with the figure/ground relationships and found the areas where the light shows through the row of trees really captivating. This has always intriqued me, the abstract shapes made by the holes between trees; how the shapes are indistinct..the way light glows through from behind.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The opening at the Geode Gallery Friday night was lots of fun. Lots of people came, the night was warm and clear with a full mooon. The moonlight reflecting off St. Theodosius church next door was glowing.
The Geode Gallery is the building that was featured in the scene of The Deerhunter in which Meryl Streep worked in the market.
Most exciting is that the large painting I'm standing next to in the photo above sold before the show opened. A great way to start an exhibit!