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Thursday, November 4, 2010

and What?

This image wouldn't come up for the last post so it's flying solo.

This started as a demo with my AP Studio Art for a media play day using acrylics.  I added some newspaper, inda ink, and oil pastels.  Some areas of the surface are textured with gesso and then parts are scraped away.  All to get the kids to loosen up and play!  Experience the media.  It worked, the students produced some nice, loose images--no preconceived ideas or expectations.


  1. I thought I left a comment earlier. This is beautiful. I see so many different things--all spiritual.

  2. Thanks, Hallie. I think its beautiful too and there is spirituality in it, none intended. But, when I painted it, I was working in a detached way, no intentions for where it was going or what would happen. I like what emerges when I work this way.

  3. I love to work this way...and it's exciting to share this level of playfulness with young artists...they get it.

  4. I'm coming to town in March...hope to see ya...more later.

  5. D---
    That is great news! I'd love to see you, keep me posted.

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