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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Instant Gratification (what an artist does when she isn't painting)

This Fall I got an I Phone and I've been having fun with it ever since.  My kids have been a goldmine of information on how to use it along with introducing me to some interesting Apps.  Two photo Apps I'm currentl messing around with are Instagram and Photosynth.  All of the photos displayed here are modified using Instagram and some are taken first with Photsynth and then reworked in Instagram.  For those of you who aren't familiar with either of these apps; Photosynth takes multiple shots to create a panorama and Instagram is a little program which provides filters and some smudging tools to modify photos.  It also provides the square format seen here.

West Woods 
Instagram Photo

Wacky Photo
Photosynth modified with Instagram

Tree Heart
Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Photosynth Photo

Photosynth Photo modified with Instagram

Wacky Feet
Photsynth Photo modified with Instagram

Good Night Moon
Instagram Photo

Equine Pair
Instagram Photo

Table Top
Photosynth Photo modified with Instagram

When I take the Photosynth Photos, I don't take them the way they're supposed to be taken.  Normally, as the camera pans across the view, the camera clicks in succession thus taking a panoramic, 3-d picture.  I move the camera up, down, sideways, anywhich way, overlap...so I can get strange accidents.  Then through Instagram I zoom in on an interesting composition and continue from there using Instagram filters.

Who'd a thought an I phone could be so much fun?

By the way, If you have a smart phone and download either of these apps, they're free!  Plus you can follow me on Instagram...and I can follow you.  Fun : ))


  1. Well, West Woods, Equine Pair and Fingers get my vote. Looks like great fun; I have a cell phone but I'm not smart enough to really use it; it's in my pocketbook for emergencies. I do like playing with digital photos in Corel. Have fun!

  2. A terrific collection...I was hooked immediately on the West Woods.
    My phone is not smart and neither am I when it comes to using what features it does have...though I do love the camera on it.

    Great to see what you're up to.
    Happy Newest Year.

  3. Hallie, I like West Woods and Equine Pair too. Fingers gives me the creeps, a bit. They look separated...
    D- The West Woods is one of my favorite places to take Larry for long walks. Its a great woods with plenty of Sharon Conglomerate outcroppings and caves. I know you'd enjoy these woods.

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