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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cats nap

i couldn't resist posting this photo.
if anyone out there actually sees this and you know me, then you might know about Tom. he's the gray cat. a russian blue that my daughter left with us after she moved to a house where she couldn't have pets.
so Tom came to the country. for his first year of life he was raised by college boys, so T. developed major attitude and defense mechanisms.
when he moved here, animosity ensued between him and my very old female cat. over time they've mellowed a bit, but not much.
the cat he is with in the picture is Junior, who has taken Tom's presence somewhat in stride. the photo illustrates a breakthrough. Although Junior tolerates Tom, this is a new site.
i think Tom is smitten with Junior. from day one he has followed her on her daily ramblings of the property.
tom will leave us when the cold hits. our daughter is in a pet friendly apt. in lakewood. second floor. so we're going with a joint custody arrangement. while its warm, he runs free here. when he'll be cooped in with the cold weather, off to the big city he goes.

art note.
have 6 pieces of art in two shows. woo hoo!!


  1. Your kitties are sooo cute! they look like they're comfy on top of those papers and stuff. that's what Sox likes to do, curl up on my books and papers. or he'll sit on them and act like he's a king on his throne. :) oh and i finally put something on my blog if you wanna look at it. ttyl --Kristen

  2. they are comfy on the papers, the more stuff under them the better!
    i will look at your blog.