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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

a lesson learned

right now i have no pics to post. for a couple of reasons...
i have a painting in progress, so its not posting ready and all my other pics which are stored in my computer are, sad to say, GONE.

our computer has been sickly for a few weeks. last week it seemed to be in its death throes. the computer guys where bob works thought it sounded like the hard drive. bob packed up the computer sunday night, put it in the truck to take to work on monday so the computer geeks could look at it.

bob goes to work. the computer guy comes in, bob goes to the truck to get the computer and realizes its not there.

we and some of our neighbors were robbed on sunday night. what are the odds? how many times do put our computer in the car at night?
unless the computer shows up at a pawn shop, i can say adios to everything on the computer that I DIDN'T BACK UP ON DISK. which is just about everything.

on the bright side, the thieves have a worthless computer. they didn't break in the house, it could have been worse, they could have taken more.

c'est la vie!

moral of the story:

back up your disks now!


  1. people always tell me how cynical i am. this is why. sorry you had to learn the hard way. :( you can't trust that everybody has good intentions or will do you no harm. but you're right... at least they didn't break into your house.

  2. i agree that you can't trust that everybody has good intentions or will do you no harm, but being robbed only makes me more practical. we've never had need to lock our cars, some people i know don't lock their house. so, out here in the boonies there is still some 'trust'. now, i've been in situations where you must maintain constant vigilance (hp reference) and that's fine too. it is what it is!