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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Started last October

This painting was started last October. I liked how I started it and I wasn't certain about how to complete it. So it sat for a while and was stared at until last week when I figured out how to complete it. It was a matter of the trees in the background--how to deal with the form... along with the tops of the grouping of trees. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep the turquoisey bottom, ultimately I decided I liked it.

This is another one that's been sitting for a while. First I should say the sky is more purple than it looks here. Ali (my daughter) really loves this, although she liked it before I worked into it today...so maybe she doesn't really love it anymore! I have mixed feeling about it...it's one of those things. Sometimes I love a painting immediately upon completion, other times they grow on me. Other times, I'm not satisfied with a painting, and I don't look at it for a long time (months or more), then I either like it or can figure out what I'm not happy with and work into the piece or just put it in the pile of paintings that get gessoed and re-used.


  1. i really love the one with the red trees! (the other one not so much) but still the other one isn't horrible...it's ok. (ok i'll stop now before i get you mad at me.) :) know what...i'll just pretend i tell everyone what they want to hear... so.. Both paintings are absolutely gorgeous.. i don't know how you do it. you're like freaking Picasso or something. haha (well you are really good, not as famous as picasso, but i like your stuff better than his anyway.)

  2. thanks kristen!
    you can be honest with me...use constructive criticism and Ahimsa:non harm.
    i like the one you don't like as well better in real life.
    happy cold day!

  3. i love the top painting--very vivid and stimulating with red and turquoise.

    i keep a track of you. hopefully, we'll get out a family president's card/photo. we're busy as launching one of our new businesses on 3/1--eatgoodexpress.com, a restaurant delivery service in the woodlands, tx.

    we have like 3 paintings and what that cat one ali made is-- having artwork of friends gives the home such good energy.


  4. hey tanya,

    good to read your voice!! glad you're keeping track of me...good luck w/ the business, sounds intriquing and delicioso. talk to you later!

    I'm going to delete these commments soon as it looks like the one below yours in someone trying to put a virus in the computer (again!)