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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wild Turkeys and the flu

laying on the couch checkin email a glance out the sliding doors reveals these two birds plus a few more off in the brush.
this flu is no fun! i ache, i cough, i sleep. uggghh.


  1. aww...i was wondering where you were lol. i hope you feel better soon! that's really crappy that you got the flu...

  2. thanks, i think i'm turning the corner....

  3. Hi Mary Ann,
    Thanks for the"thumbs up" on my Open House! It's a wonder you can do such a beautiful photograph while you're down with the flu! Hope you feel better soon.
    Here's my remedy--(from Andrew Weil)Best at the first indication of something coming on---but even later will decrease your time of recovery. Take 1-2 cloves of garlic, RAW--cut up & swallow with water (like a pill)Repeat daily until you feel better. It always works for me. I have fought off illness with this remedy many times. Good luck on a swift recovery!

  4. thanks christine for the remedy. i will try this.
    we got over a foot of snow dumped on us here in ohio so school was cancelled and i've got another day to rest. my energy was improved this morning-enough to do a little laundry, now i'm chillin on the couch--my new favorite place for the last 3 days.

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  6. Yes..it was wonderful to see your beautiful face at the opening...thank you so very much for making the trek!!
    so sorry to read that you've been 'hit' with the big...ugh...recover soon!

    Thanks for the comments on the cleanse...I've been doing them, as noted, for 24 years and love love love the simplicity and the feeling of increased energy, ideas and inspiration as the days unfold 1-10.
    be well

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  9. i don't know if you'll get this, but.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!