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Saturday, April 26, 2008

BayArts Exhibit--Inhale, Exhale

This exhibit opened on April 11 and I forgot to bring a camera. I stopped by today to look at the show more thoroughly than I did on the night of the opening. It was a great opening with lots of people. Consequently, I spent more time talking than looking at the art. The BayArts staff did an excellent job hanging the show. There are 3 female artists (including me) exhibiting and the art works well together.
I love the orange wall, I think the color accents the colors in my painting nicely.
gotta go!


  1. Fabulous blog my sister!!!!! The exhibit looks great - I've got to go back for a more proper look!!!

  2. hey Buddha....well, ok so you're missing a few arms.... haha....the paintings look spectacular on their orange wall! maybe i'll go see them...is bay village on the west side?

  3. Congratulations, your work is wonderful.