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Monday, April 14, 2008

A Look at the Studio

I thought some shots of the studio might be interesting to post since we have plans to build a barn with studio space on the second floor. After next year I won't occupy this room. We converted it to a studio in 1997 when we had the back wall knocked out of a downstairs bedroom and then had a 10' x 10' addition put on. The space is a total of 22' x 10'. Ideally the new studio will be about 25 x 30 (give or take--more likely take). So the shots that have the door and windows look to the south and our backyard. The other view is north with much less natural light. In the new studio, I'll have much more north light.
The studio serves lots of other purposes, I use it for yoga, for reading, paying bills (no fun)and Woody the Dog likes to sleep in there.


  1. haha kind of reminds me of the art building office thing...except maybe a bit less messy...and Woody's so cute!....and i like the painting and the stand thing (i can't spell the actual word for the stand-thing) :P

  2. p.s. i ment ON the stand thing not AND.... can't type...

  3. I love when I get a sneaky peak at others' studios. I'm with Woody on this one, your studio is so inviting, I thought that was what the pillows and the blanket were for until I read about the yoga.
    Your art work inspires and energises, it feels good to see your work space.

  4. ok so i have a story to tell you, but i'll tell you monday. but i was wondering 2 things....1) are you off block 8? (probably not but answer anyway) 2) can you spare like 5 minutes of your time during activity or whatever on monday to go over something that has to do with yoga? (will make sense when i tell you the story)(sorry i know you're busy, and that i'm a pain, but the thing is for a good reason...)

  5. zooms,
    thanks for the comments on my artwork and studio, right now i miss both of them, no time to work, but soon i'll be back in there!

    yes there is time on monday, gotta take slides w/ one of the ap students, but we can talk and no i'm not free in 8.

  6. Hi Mary Ann,
    Haven't visited your blog in a while. Nice to see the studio...loved the pic of Bill the dog! Your paintings look great! I am enjoying the one you sent me! It's still on my altar, which has never really been set up since I moved--it's part altar, part place to set stuff, since I don't have enough shelves. Oh, well-it will all come together at some point. Glad you're back painting.