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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Art in the Garden

Today was a good day.

At long last, time was spent painting and being with other artists. The Geauga Council for Arts and Culture sponsors an annual event called Art in the Garden which entails the gathering of many artists (visual, vocal, musicians) at local garden centers in Geauga County throughout spring.

Today the event was held at Urban Growers, located south of Burton, Ohio in the rolling hills of southern Geauga County, an area that is a mix of Amish residents and Yankees. (sounds like a tourist guide and why the heck they are called urban growers when its in a rural setting I don't know)

There were rug hookers (called the happy hookers!)-- a group of retired women who make beautiful hooked rugs and are great conversationalists to boot. A man selling birdhouses of all shapes and sizes. An herbalist. Musicians (bluegrass), a barbershop quartet, a caterer (culinary arts), stained glass artists, a beeswax artist with varied products. and me--the painter.

It was sooo good to be amongst flowers, other creative souls and lots of people stopping to talk as they shopped for some of the best things on the planet-----flowers and vegetables.

I started one painting, didn't like it. Did a quick oil sketch (not posted), it got muddy because I forgot my turpenoid. Then my husband saved the day by bringing me the turpenoid, plus he was able to shop for our veggies for planting--not a wasted trip on his end! I cleaned my brushes and...

produced a small oil of the farmhouse and barn across the road. A quick little painting that I don't even know if I like.
But it was being there that was so good. I've been starved lately for art interaction that is non school, non job related.

It was a goooood day!!


  1. good for you. You are brave and spunky to be out there working even when you don't have everything that you 'need'.

    And you are so wise to not get caught up in whether the piece 'works' or not...just having the experience is so inspiring to read about.

    It does indeed sound like the best of days.

  2. merci33, thanks.
    today was another good day to follow yesterday. birding with wonderful people and seeing the likes of meadowlarks, bobolinks, scarlet tanagers and rosebreasted grosbeaks!

  3. what a colorful and magnificent collection of winged ones...each of them brings an instant smile. all four of these have lost so much of their habitat which makes it even more heartening to hear of your sitings.

  4. your art is beautiful ! it 's my first visit :)