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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Patricia Marie Cavanaugh Scott~~Mom

Pat Scott April 8, 1926-May 25, 2009

It seems a lifetime has passed since last posting. Saying goodbye to this beautiful woman is a mysterious and beautiful part of my life (my brothers and sister's lives too.)

The last month or so has been spent tending my gardens and just being. Searching and navigating the new paths in life~~knowing deep in my heart that both she and Dad are dancing together.

And knowing too that she who lived each day wheelchair bound for so many years touched so many people. If you could have seen the people who processed in to say goodbye to her on her last day. Incredible.

So I know deep in my heart the lessons taught and learned. Live each day with a smile, laughter, and kindness. And there is so much more.

Thanks, Mom!


  1. Hi Indigo
    I welcome you back to blogland...even as I celebrate the wisdom of being in the garden for the weeks after your mother's passing.
    The photographs show her sweetness and light. The dancing image is priceless.
    As Judy states in the letter... you have more angels watching over you now...how incredible that they are the angels that brought you into this world.


  2. D, Thanks for the welcome, it was with some trepidation that I made the post.
    One step!

  3. Oh and one more thing, Judy, who wrote the beautiful note has been our angel during mom and dad's death. She is an amazing, amazing person.