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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Twenty Minute Challenge

While visiting Arting Around in SOVA I read about The Twenty Minute Challenge that Katharine A. Cartwright has set up.  I found the concept intriquing, enough that I sat for 20 minutes in two different art classes and produced these sketches.  The students were busily engrossed with monoprinting, so I let them fly while I sat and worked.  It was great fun to do this.  My students were intriqued, they love to see their teacher draw and paint.  Also it was a great exercise.
I plan to enter the The Twenty Minute Challenge in the near future,  tomorrow if there is time in class, I'll paint a few acrylics.


  1. Well, I'm impressed--love the figures. I remember the 5-minute drawings of people when I was at Montgomery College in Md.

    I tried the 20-minute challenge earlier. When the buzzer sounded I had so little done that I just kept working--for about an hour. Part of my problem was choosing to use inktense pencils (I like them) but I had to laugh when I couldn't read the names of the colors--all the leads looked alike (and the timer was ticking). I might have to stick with charcoal, conte, or pastel.

    It was really nice of you to mention my blog.

  2. oh I like this idea...I used it many years ago studying with Kimon Nicolaides 'A Natrual Way to Draw'...and I so enjoy seeing what came for you...and to think this was in the midst of your mono printing event when your antenna had to be up and ready for action if need be...
    Look forward to seeing more.

  3. Nice job on your two twenty minute drawings/paintings. One can tell that you are very comfortable with your sketchbook. Lovely work!

  4. The twenty minute challenge is lots of fun...I've done a few more in the classroom, and my students will be challenged over the next few class days...they should do well with it.