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Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's like the first time you meet Someone

When I draw or paint in a new place; especially one that is so different from what my eyes are familiar with, it feels like that first conversation you have with a person you've just met. 
And if you like the place, its like knowing that you like the person you're talking to.
Newness, Curiosity. A need to know more.

Catalina Park, Tortolita Mountains
Pencil-Moleskin Sketchbook

 Madeira Canyon Watercolor w/oil pastel in Moleskin Sketchbook

Madeira Canyon, Oil pastel, Moleskin Sketchbook

Watercolor on watercolor paper sketchbook

We spent an afternoon sketching/painting in Madeira Canyon where the Cottonwoods were the most luscious spring green. Except for birdsong, the breeze, and the sounds of my brush moving on paper all was quiet.  I sat up on a hill, Muggsi down below.  A few hours passed. 
I've only begun to know the colors, shapes and the light of the Arizona desert.  A mere aquaintance for now.



  1. Oh Dear Indigo
    I so love seeing how you 'meet' the landscape and wrap around it and show its colors.
    These are beautiful, lively and rich 'introductions' and I know there will be more to 'talk about' with this new friend that you've made in Madeira Canyon.

  2. Sounds like you'll be going back for more. Your color sketches glow.

  3. Thanks merci and hw. I hope to go back for more, I'd also like to go to New Mexico for some painting.