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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Following a Dream

Leaving HERE

to go


You can go HERE for the backstory.  Five days/nights of sunshine and starlight... hiking, birdwatching, sketching, sleeping and being in the desert.  Catching up with a friend!


  1. Ooooooo...how very wonderful and what a fine time of year to travel...just think of the transformation that will have taken place in your own backyard while you're away...so much happens in five days in Northeast Ohio in the spring...cannot wait to see what images you bring back from AZ to share....hiking and sketching and birding ...an artist's trifecta!

  2. Merci33 named it--artist's trifecta. Have a great trip and keep an eye out for strange birds.

  3. ...how very exciting and how lovely to have such a good friend, so looking forward to seeing your sketches and hearing about life in the desert...

  4. You will have a wonderful visit, there's something so beautiful about the west and I'm glad to be back myself. I hope you will have an opportunity to see new sites inspiring more great paintings. Maybe paintings to decorate your friends B&B :D

  5. It's April 14 and my blog sidebar shows that you've posted...but it isn't showing here..where could it be??

  6. I'm having the same problem as Merci33.