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Sunday, May 9, 2010


oil pastel on chip board

Colours are the wounds of Light ~ William Blake

as the anniversary date of my mother's passing (through her portal) arrives, i remember and miss her on this mother's day.  (and all days)
the other portal, the doorway through which my father passed.
thankful to both of them for passing on the gifts. 


  1. The painting with the quote creates a beautiful, quiet, spiritual feeling. I could look at it all day--amazing.

  2. Hallie, that quote sits in my mind often. I find myself musing over it. Colours being wounds. Light wounding. Wounds can be painful, but colour is incredible and beautiful.

  3. And this painting looks even more incredible in person!!!!!!

  4. Thanks Marilyn! Next step... gotta get it framed and in a show!

  5. "Colours are the wounds of light." Gotta love Blake...who else could say that!

    the anniversary of your mother's passing was on my mind this afternoon as I was leafing through a journal from that time and reading some of your words.
    You've paid her a lovely subtle homage here and the image of both your mom and dad passing through a portal feels very gentle and quiet. The photo you have of them here aways makes me feel as though I've slipped into another era, and they look so happy with one another...such a gift.

  6. Merci, merci33. many times. Thank you for remembering :)

  7. Just found your blog via Art Propelled.
    Your color sense is so attractive. Love your work. I'll be back~

  8. Hi DJ Thanks for visiting my blog and Thanks for the comment on my color sense. Sorry I didn't respond sooner; I teach high school and this time of the year gets the best of me! But soon, oh soon, the long days of summer will be here!

  9. LOL! I teach high school art, too!
    And yes, this time of year is CRAZY, is it not? So glad to find a fellow sufferer- er, I mean, teacher!