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Monday, May 24, 2010

Soft Morning


Sunday morning birdwatching in a dense fog which formed a soft, muted landscape.

This gorgeous property (owned by Case Western Reserve University; a bio-field station of sorts) is about 15 minutes from my house and I've been interested in visiting it for quite a while, in hopes to find some new painting inspiration.When I was invited to bird there, I was quick to say yes.  We didn't see many birds because of the fog, but we heard many. The morning was spent being totally enthralled with the mists and fog (must be my celtic roots), enjoying the good company of fellow birdwatchers and when the sun broke through...well, then we did see birds, birds and more birds!

Oh, I'll go back to paint this summer.  Eight more days of school!!


  1. Love these photos so much !!! Ohio spring fogs...the Earth Mother breathing.

    What's the name of this Case property? I see you've tagged Valley View...I recall a beautiful farmland that Case owned out on Gates Mills Blvd...I so love that you've brought up that special memory...and birding in the fog...I love that memory too!!

  2. I love the photos, especially the first one. Two almost rectangles and an almost circle--perfect. I've never thought of taking photos of fog.

  3. merci33~ the Case property is Valleyview Farm and it can be accessed off of Fairmount, just east of Som (91), perhaps there is an entrance off of Gates Mills Blvd as well. I'm glad to bring back memories for you!
    hw~I love the first photo too~~I'm pondering some paintings from these images.

  4. Yes, these images just whisper "Paint me..."
    My last day is Friday the 4th. Summer is coming...I'll celebrate with you...

  5. Yes DJ, they do whisper "Paint me..." and I started one last week. So far, liking what is happening. That misty morning was magic.
    My last day is Friday too!

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