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Monday, December 6, 2010

Larry loves Snow and so do I!

It looks like snow is on the way.  Will you put on your red boots?  Let's go out and play.

This is great!  Tail up!

I love SNOW!


No Name Yet
Oil on Canvas
 30 x 40

I love snow because I got a day off.  I got to play with Larry and finish this painting.  Well, I think it's finished.  It might get a little tweaking here and there.


  1. What a great dog! And what a great photo of him standing next to the red boots.

    I love the painting. As I look at it, I think "the cheese stands alone." That's because I either read a blog about someone feeling like the cheese or saw something on TV--I don't think I dreamed it. Those tree trunks (are there 13?) seem to glow. Love those colors.

  2. LARRY!!!! I wish that I loved the snow as much as he does!! I love your captioning... And nice painting too!!

  3. Hallie, Yes, Larry is a great dog. He's nestled right into our hearts, a great addition to the family. "The Cheese Stands Alone" could work! As far as the tree trunks, I had to go and count, there are 14, in fact I added one yesterday. They do glow. The origin of the color is from the underpainting. I hadn't put any tree color on and I like the reddish/pink that showed through, so I kept it and worked into it.

    THanks Ali and Marilyn--What's not to love about Larry? (except when he eats Kitty Kandy)

  4. This can't be "the cheese stands alone'--maybe the maple stands alone. I think I came across that phrase in a book I'm reading and was humming "The Farmer in the Dell" all day.

    Larry is so cool!

  5. OH Indigo...I'm so happy I came over to meet Larry...when did he come to live with you? Where did you/he find each other?

    The painting does indeed glow and I love underpaintings for the same reason...they bring so much of the unexpected to a piece making it sing...like your trees...singing trees...they do don't they.

  6. Iona,

    Larry came to us in July, we got him at a local shelter. He was 10 weeks old, cute as a button. We LOVE him sooo much. He is a constant source of fun, delight and love. He has filled a space in our hearts that so needed filling after we lost Woody.
    I like the phrasing and concept of singing trees.
    Happy New Year to you and the rest of the visitors!

  7. I love Larry's story...he is such a lucky boy...and you, of course, are so fortunate to have such a little ball o' love living with you.
    Every body wins.

    HEY!! I'm coming to Cleveland in March...
    here's the scoop:

    It would be so excellent to see you.

  8. WoW! great photos. i so like your dog so adorable.=)