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Monday, February 7, 2011

Figure Unit

It's that time of year again, when I spend a week or so with the AP students drawing and painting the figure.  I love this unit!  I forget how much I enjoy drawing/painting people until I sit down with the kids and draw.

So here's a sampling of my figure studies:

Lesson two.
Double portrait.  Emphasis on contour line using waterbased marker, then value/form emphasis by adding water to the marker lines plus watercolor washes.

Lesson four.
Acrylic washes to lay in values, then worked into with oil pastels.

Lesson two.
Water based marker, contour line drawing, watercolor washes for values/form.

           Lesson three.
Broad washes with watercolors on yupo paper (nice hard polypropylene paper, very smooth finish; leading to real cool effects with the watercolors) laying in lights and darks, then working in the details as needed.  The students came up with some beautiful results on this one.

For lesson one we spent the classtime (about an hour and 15 min) exploring gesture drawings using charcoal and conte crayon; we moved from quick gestural studies to longer poses. 

Finally, just for fun...this picture of Larry, who says hello!


  1. You have such a fluid approach to figures...no pun intended...I love to see your studies, I recall those you posted last year, and just like these, seeing the relaxed yet solid connection that you make with your subject makes me feel the itch to see what I might discover...it's been toooo long since I worked with a live model.

    LARRY is darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He reminds me of my sweet Irish Terrier, who of course was red but had that same impish air.

    Hey Indigo Girl..I have an opening at Cuyahoga Valley National Park in 5 weeks...March 18. ..the work will be there til mid May.

  2. I love this time of year when you work with figures, too. Donna beat me here and I agree with her comment on the fluid approach. The figures seem to flow off your brush--you make it look easy. Your students are very lucky.

    Larry is looking really cool.

  3. Hi D and Hallie,
    Yes, the approach is fluid, the pigment seemed to "flow" off the brush. I've been on the past few weeks--at school with demos and playing with media. At home in the studio...a little blocked, but the channels seem to be opening up in the last few days.
    D-I hope you get the chance to work with the figure soon. I'd love to see what happens for you. Also, I'd like to make it to your opening--is it advertised in your brochure about the creativity salon? I was hoping to do the workshop, but its not possible this time around. My husband and I are celebrating 30 years the following weekend--off to Marco Island for 5 days. Beach, birds, books and general relaxation! With the cold we're having right now, I wish we were going today.