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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hi, it's me...here's something new

Ok, so it's been ages since I posted and I bet everyone has been chomping at the bit.  Waiting. And waiting.
I flatter myself...hmmm. 
I have been reading other blogs, gaining insights, laughs and good ideas. (Hallie, you are my laugh place, you make my day and mood lighter)  Just laying low, taking a time out, I guess.  Reading. Resting in the winter quiet. It is comforting and soothing to nestle into the dark and cold winter nights with a good book or a movie.  Popcorn, hot tea. 

I have been working on a few paintings and have this one image to post, the others are in different stages of done or not done or going to the paint over pile.

This painting is derived from a photo I took this summer of a row of trees that intrique me.  Every time I drive by, I look at them. Year round. I'm not sure what kind of trees they are; I think they're some type of poplar or willow.  I took artistic license with how they really look and put my own spin on things.  I was going for the light around and behind the trees, which is what grabs me whenever I see these trees.

With a nod and a thank you to Iona, who mentioned "Singing Trees" as a name for my last painting that I posted, I'm calling this "All Singing".


  1. Yes, I have been waiting. I thought you might be buried under about 20 feet of snow.

    I like this painting; it's very different from previous ones. I can imagine them on stage-- in an opera--they're too refined for rock and roll, and I love the bright light around them.

    Thank you for the mention. Is it my futile attempts to clean the workshop or me lying in the easel box that made you laugh?

  2. Happy Return to Blogland Indigo! Missed seeing your tracks in the snow...
    'All Singing' indeed...I can hear them. Like Hallie I imagine something quite sophisticated, an Aria perhaps.

    Your colors are so very soothing to my eye. And being a Northern Girl I feel as though I know these trees that you pass and pay homage to...so lovely in their shadowy glow.

  3. Hallie, I definitely got a good laugh out of you in your easel box! How's the easel working out for you? I've been wanting a new sturdy easel for quite some time. And by the way, I love your self portrait; after seeing yours, I'm inclined to paint one soon.
    I agree that the trees are singing opera, as Merci says, an aria perhaps.

  4. singing trees and dancing light, this is just lovely, a joyous painting.