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Monday, April 11, 2011

I went to Marco Island and I saw....

a really cool bug. what is it?

beautiful shells.

brown pelicans. 

peaceful sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico.

On a side note and a sad note, before we left we had to say goodbye to an old friend.  Little Kitty was with us for 18 years.  Here she is with her new pal Larry.  Larry has been acting oddly since she left, animals really do know, don't they?


  1. Nice pictures from the Gulf, but you can't kid me. That was no side note. Eighteen years is a long-time friend. My condolences.
    Yes, Larry knows.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about Little Kitty. I agree--Larry knows. Animals sense/know everything.

    That's a leaf bug in the top photo (probably not the official name) and I like watching them creep along. The pelican looks like a wood sculpture.

    Welcome back--I've missed your blog and paintings.

  3. So very sorry for the loss of Little Kitty, 18 years is an amazing length of time to share with a sweet four legged...and Larry certainly knows that she is gone...as I buried my darling 12 year old Tuxedo cat, LuLu Tootsie, my jack Russell came over to the grave and dropped a tennis ball into the hole coming to rest on the flannel pajama that she was wrapped in...I left it with her.

    The insect is a Katydid.

  4. I always wondered what a Katydid looked like. I'm glad you posted the photo.

  5. Thanks for the Little Kitty condolences. Yes, 18 years was a long time to share with her. We got her when my daughter was 6, she named her Scarlet Jasmine Rose. We shortened it to Little Kitty or even shorter to LK.
    Fortunately for Larry, we have another Kitty (Junior Kitty or Schnook), who also misses LK. The two of them are forming a new dynamic since the loss of Littles.
    Regarding the Katydid, thank you Donna! I've seen Katydids in Ohio, they're heard more often than seen. But, this one seemed large to me..I'm wondering if there are regional differences? Different varieties? I looked a bit online and I came across some articles on rare pink katydids! Worth a google search if you want to see a really, really, interesting and bizarre looking bug!

  6. wowie. zowie...a PINK katydid...I simply love the natural world and of her surprises!

  7. Just came to your blog from SamArtDog's.
    Really love your work! I'll add you to my blogroll to be sure to come back.
    Sweet kitty. :(

  8. The images up top looks great! I especially like the bug! That is one unique insect is it not? Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  9. I was going to suggest that the bug might be a katydid but I see it's already been done. Here's where I found it. http://www.drycreekgarden.com/science/entomology/katydid.cfm
    It's interesting that the name of the bug in a way relates to the passing of your lovely Kitty or Kat or Katy ... did.
    I'm loving your work. It makes me think of Varley (Frederick H., not John or Cornelius) for the light and the colour, as in this example http://thepagansphinxtodayspainting.blogspot.com/2011/03/frederick-h-varley-1881-1969.html


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    congrats 2u!

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  12. Waw, what can I say, you had a trip of a lifetime. You saw so many different and interesting things. Thank you for sharing your experience from the trip with these lovely photos.

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  13. I like small dogs.hehe.It's so lovely

  14. Great! what a lovely pictures.. =D