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Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's Been a While

There has been lots and lots happening at Orion White Dog Studio.  Where to begin? 

As of the last post, things were being wrapped up for the show at BAYarts. The show went well, 3 paintings were sold, including the one shown here.

The staff at BAYarts is fantastic, a special Thank You to Erin who invited me to have this show, then tremedously promoted the show along with hanging the work beautifully; showcasing every piece.  Somehow I managed to paint about 20 new paintings this summer.  Phew!  Lots of time spent outdoors painting in the morning and the evenings.  Every minute and brushstroke wellspent.  Even when the brushstrokes were off, still valuable. 

Yesterday, I picked up the work from BAYarts and brought some of it along with some paintings from home to Carnegie Kitchen and Dining.  The owner of the restaurant asked me a while ago if I'd like to hang my work in his restaurant; which opened this year.  The food is wonderful and so is the atmosphere.  Now that 25 paintings are hanging on the walls, well.... I really do love how my paintings look!  My son, daughter and sister helped me hang the work yesterday. (Thanks : )) It took a few hours, but the Cleveland Air Show was going on while we were hanging, so we were entertained by the Thunderbirds flying over the entire time.  I love to watch them! 

I was planning to put a few more photos of the paintings hanging at Carnegie Kitchen and Dining, but this old laptop isn't obliging my request.  To see more, if you're a Facebooker, go to this link:  Carnegie Kitchen and Dining and you'll be at their FB page. 

What else?  Oh, yeah.  Here's a link to an online magazine called ARTZINE that covered the Natural Light: Paintings by the Ohio Plein Air Society exhibit at the Riffe Gallery in Columbus in which I have 5 works included.  The show is very, very nice, tastefully curated and the space is full of light which makes all the beautiful paintings even more beautiful.

School has been back in session since August 16th, so there hasn't been much time to paint.  But the days and weeks are developing a rhythm which will allow for some personal art time.  I'll go out in the next few weeks to sketch, paint and gather information for some paintings that are resting for now in my imagination. 

Last, my apologies to my fellow bloggers.  I've been reading your blog posts, but haven't been able to leave comments.  I don't know if it's my laptop or Blogger.  I've installed some updates, so we'll see what happens.  I'm following you!  Just not saying much : )


  1. How wonderful and beautiful it is to read about the summer that you've had Indigo girl...
    I love the piece and BAYarts... I remember many a fine experience there 'back in the day' of living in the area.

  2. Exhibits and sales--congratulations. Sounds like a great summer. Artzine was interesting and restaurants are great places for art. I was happy to see this new post.

  3. Hi Donna, Yes, I love the piece too, it was hard to let it go, but it's in a good home. Ahhh, BAYarts is such a great place. A few weeks ago, I taught a workshop there using the gardens as inspiration. It was a peaceful and inspiring day.
    Thanks Hallie. It was a great summer! I'm glad you looked at the Artzine piece. It captures what the show is about.