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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Products of workshops

Long time no post.  I think that's how all my posts will have to open these days.... For a number of reasons.  A slow computer; which leads to frustration when I'm trying to do just about anything on it. I'm giving it a go tonight, hopefully with success.  The school year has been busier than usual which has led to minimal time for artmaking and blogging. 

However, I've had the chance to attend a few workshops and produce a few little pieces.  I took my AP studio art students to a Plein Air workshop which was sponsored by our local Park District.  The students spent a morning painting after time spent with local artists who shared their knowledge and experience of Plein Air painting with the group.  The afternoon was spent critiquing results.  It was a great day for the kids, I was happy with the work they did and I think they were too.  While they were painting I took an hour or so to paint, producing this:

Last week I attended a workshop for art educators called Walking the Path.  It was a chance for art teachers to spend time reconnecting with their creativity through yoga, journaling, introspection, creating art and interaction with one another.  For the art component we were given a slice of wood from a fallen tree, a myriad of art materials; including paint, pastels, glue, hammer, chisels, nails, wire, string, yarns, fabrics and much more.  From this we created a piece which reflected where we are on our path--art path, life path, educator path---at this point in time.  I produced this:

I began this post on Sunday, today is Wednesday.  I was only able to upload the first image and then the computer froze.  Urggg. But, I was able to upload the last two pics tonight.  I was hoping to post one more pic, but the computer isn't in the mood. Again.  harumph!  Oh, well, some other time : )


  1. Hello Indigo...
    It's so good to see your post...slow computers really are such a drag...but I'm glad that you perservered..it's great to hear about and also see the results of your workshop experiences...I love the idea of the whole class being able to work Plein Aire and that you were able to take advantage of the time too...and the materials provided in the 'Walking the Path' session are terrific...what fun to have the chance to explore with such freedom. THANKS! for hanging in there to get the jpegs up!

  2. D-- so good to be back in blogosphere! I read your last post, intriquing. I can't wait to see what people will do with their blogs.

  3. Congratulations with having a talent!

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