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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Works in Two Shows

                                                                                          Oil on Canvas
                                                                             20 x 24

This Friday night is the opening for the faculty show, "Water" at BAYarts in Bay Village in the Dianne Boldman Education Gallery.   The painting shown above, Emma's View will be one of the works on display.  When I was asked by the gallery director to contribute to the exhibit with the theme being 'water', I thought...Great, this will be fun, a challenge, something new to paint--I don't often include water in my paintings.
It was a challenge.  Over the last few months, I was looking at water in many ways.  Water in a vase, glass, pond, rainwater, streams, rivers, lakes, ice.   I settled on this view of the river from my neighbors yard. The challenge was painting in cold weather, painting at the same time of day-- morning for this one, painting in good weather and finding the time.  Painting by the river became a peaceful experience.  Paint, birds, water, the sound of water, light, color, the warmth of late winter sun on my back.  It is titled after my husbands grandmother, Emma.  She lived in the house that is now my neighbors house.  Apparently, she would sit on her side porch and enjoy the view of the river; its' birdlife and plant life.  Many of my paintings of barns have paid homage to her husband Yaro, who built the barns.  Now it's Emma's turn.

                                                                           Light Behind
                                                                                           Oil on Canvas
                                                                                               30 x 40

This painting was accepted in the BAYarts 2012 Spring Juried Show.  Yay!  I'm happy and pleased that it got in.  The judges are people I respect, it's a boost to the old artist morale when your work is accepted in the eyes of people you hold in high regard. 
The opening for this show is also Friday night at BAYarts from7-9 in the Sullivan Family Gallery. 
It'll be a busy night at BAYarts, for any of you reading this who are in the area, stop in and see what promises to be two nice art exhibits.


  1. I love the paintings...but I love the sentiment behind the title Emma! Lots of good Emma's in our life!!

  2. Congrats on both!'
    Awesome artwork you have there.
    Great to hear from you in the blogosphere, too.

  3. Very lovely news...congrats!
    and your work is so very lovely too...

    I so enjoyed BayArts in its former incarnation when I lived in that area...Bay Crafters has grown into a new phase and your work is a terrific fit.

    I'll be out that way in April...will your work still be up?

  4. Hey DJ, thanks for your comments : )) the show looks great. I went to the opening last night, good art and good fun.
    D-- thank you to you too! The shows ere up until April 7th. I hope that coincides with your visit.

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  6. congratulations on these good works, Mary Ann! I am tuned in to see what you do next! :)

  7. Thanks, Celeste. I'll be posting soon--a few pieces are in the works, waiting for finishing up. FyI, I love your blog, visit you often. Your optimism and positive outlook shine from your blog--thanks for that: )

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