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Friday, October 26, 2012

Summer Workshop

Okay, okay....yes it has been a loooooong time since I posted. Call it a hiatus.
But, I have been checking in on the blogs I follow, reading, looking, keeping up with your art and art lives.
The two paintings posted below are some of the results of a workshop I took this summer with Kathleen Elsey at the Cuyahoga Valley Arts Center.  She is a wonderful instructor and wonderful painter!  Please visit her site and check out all of her impressive paintings.
20  x 24 
oil on canvas

                                                                                              20 x 24
                                                                                             Blue Vase
                                                                                            Oil on Canvas
The top painting was done while at the workshop; Blue Vase was painted in my back yard a few weeks after the workshop.  It was fun to shift away from the landscape as subject matter and work with still life compositions.  What a pleasure too, to spend entire days painting and painting and painting....with like minded souls.  Complete immersion. 



  1. Wow--you disappeared for five months; then showed up with a couple of beautiful still lifes--a different mood from your landscapes.

    I checked out the website for Kathleen Elsey and her landscapes reminded me of yours. Very colorful. When I look around outside I just see greens and blues; however, I see lots of colors in faces. Maybe I should spend more time outside (but the sun and fresh air gives me a headache--even when golfing).

    I'm glad you're back.

  2. Hey Hallie,
    There's more paintings to share from the summer. I'll keep 'em coming.
    So glad you looked at Kathleen's site--I really love her work, I guess I have an affinity because our styles are similar.

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