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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gleaning from a Beautiful Autumn

Many of my recent posts have mentioned or really mentioned the beauty of this past Autumn, although technically its not 'past' yet. Not until Dec. 21st. You wouldn't know it here though, as its 24 F. and snowy.
So I'm not done with Autumn yet. There are still a few things left to paint, I hope to get to them by the year's end. We'll see....
This one is in a different format, the canvas is 5 x 12 and is marketed by the name SQUANGLES. The come in different shapes (triangles) and sizes and are affordable.
It was interesting to squish the composition into this space.
The colors are slightly off, the blue should be more of a purple.

Addendum to last post:
The painting I talked about selling and being there for the sale. It was sold to Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond). Cool!

Also Tom the Russian Blue has moved to Lakewood for the winter.


  1. Ohhhh--I like that one a lot! Very nice!
    And now you can list that sold painting as "being in the collection of actress Patricia Heaton"--always nice to have celebrities buying your work!

  2. Thanks Christine! I like it too, and I think it should make a trip to your neck of the woods (ala pay it forward!)
    Yeah, it is nice to have celebrities buying one's artwork!

    Leslie, I think the landscape you admired will be heading in your direction...
    Shirime, yours is in the works,
    this is fun!

  3. Congrats on the celeb sale... 'a feather in your cap' as my mama would say.

  4. Thanks on the congrats, it is a feather in my cap!
    by the way...I like the results of your workshop with the kids. I'd like to try something like that sometime. I've used the linking of art and environmental education in my teaching. But to be artist in residence...