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Sunday, December 30, 2007

No name

I finished this the other day, no title comes to mind yet. Any thoughts?

The last few days haven't been spent in the studio, but have been in the kitchen instead. I've been making soups. Soup and cold weather go hand in hand, don't they?
Yesterday was Mushroom Barley and today a White Navy Bean is simmering on the stove.
I'm trying breads too...don't know about this venture! I tried Rye this afternoon and had a heck of a time kneading it. You'd think with my ceramics background (wedging clay) that I'd have the touch. The final word will be when the bread is out of the oven and being sampled.

There is sentiment attached to the idea of making bread. My dad made wonderful breads. Last year when he moved to the nursing home while cleaning out his apartment, I took home his bread books.
My daughter Meg (the one going to Culinary School for her Advanced Pastry Arts Degree) spent much of this fall learning about and making breads. At home and at school. Watching her work with bread was another piece into my breadmaking foray. The other day I pulled out the books. While leafing throught the recipes and his notes, I figured it's time to try. Today is Rye Bread, soon I'll try his cinnamon bread---mouthwateringly the best he made!!
One of these days I'll bring him some bread. Ideally...edible and delectable!

By the way, a movie I enjoyed recently...JUNO. Loved it!


  1. well...i don't know what it's a painting of...but to me it looks like a blue blob/possibly a genie, (on the right side) is spitting out/sucking all the red, green, orange, blue, etc. at the bottom left, that blue blob kind of looks like a lamp. the top blue looks like sky. The sky could represent the world, and the colors could either represent the evil in the world being sucked out or put in depending on whether the genie is good or bad. or you could take the genie as being god creating the world. yes that would mean god threw up the world :)
    but i highly doubt that it is any of those things. you could name it THE BLOB GOD GENIE THING FROM OUTER SPACE... or tell me what it really is and i'll give you a better name.

  2. Convoluted! and fascinating...
    I was thinking of something like Abstract Landscape, but that seems unimaginative. hmmmm

  3. well it most definitely is abstract... you say landscape and i say...what? (i just don't see landscape, unless it is an aerial picture of lakes or something)...but as for a name yours is dumb (i though mine was pretty good)... you could name it : convulsions, epilepsy, spastic landscape, acid trip gone bad landscape, landscape gone to hell(just kidding, it's because of the red), out of focus landscape, acid rain has blurred my landscape, i had a seizure while painting this landscape, what do you think?, Epacsdnal Tcartsba(nobody will be able to say that one), (if it's a field) Field of Misinterpreted Dreams, have you seen my glasses?, Convoluted Landscape, complicated landscape, confounded landscape, confuddled landscape, insert random name here... well i'm not done but i'm probably angering you...(hey then you could call it "i murdered someone because of this landscape..lol) no but seriously think about some of these names.... oh you could call it "use the force to interpret this landscape", or insane landscape...you could could call it "when i'm sixty-four...and my eyesight has deteriorated beyond any possible repair." ok sorry i'm done...i can't say i love this painting, but i do like it and it has entertained me for a good 10 minutes so... nice work.

  4. wait an epiphany! is the blue thing a road? or a river? i think i might see it now! or not. if it is a road you should call it "the long and winding road" cause it looks like it winds around a corner in the distance. if it's a river call it "serenity". it looks peaceful/ calm. i actually like it better now that i think i know what it is.

  5. you really ought to consider writing as a career choice. have you read Barbara Kingsolver's, THE POISONWOOD BIBLE? if you haven't, read it soon and tell me what you think! it's great that you finally see the landscape...

  6. so i take it you don't like my names...fine. and you didn't find it funny...fine. be that way. see if ever help you again. (just kidding...i know i'm no help, more of a bother). i started the book a while ago (i like it so far) i'll try to finish it next week. and you keep eluding my question...river or road? (or neither). or let me guess...you can't tell me because i'm supposed to make it whatever i want. oh and i wanted to ask you if i ever told you out that freethinkers meeting...i can't remember.