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Friday, December 28, 2007

Sold off the Easel

A friend stopped by a few days before Christmas to buy a painting for his wife. We spent some time talking about lots of stuff, this friend is a great talker-and funny, very funny to boot.
Eventually we made it into the studio where he gravitates to this painting, which wasn't finished. I sold it to him along with two others (that were finished). I promised not to modify too much on the painting, it was almost done, just needed some tweeking. Christmas Eve he picked up the work, the one still a bit tacky. His wife loves the paintings. I painted on their property this summer and they saw a number of works go from start to finish, some good, others....so-so. They have already bought a few pieces generated from this summer's forays on their property.

I thought a few pics from our Dec. 15th snow would be fun to see. I'm not sentimental about having a White Christmas, this was good to have early and be done with in time for safe holiday travel.


  1. haha that's a cute pic of Woody. I really love the painting. is that one of the ones you sold?

  2. Yes, that was the one sold off the easel.

    Happy New Year!