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Friday, January 11, 2008

Fun with Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward was a great experience. But, I've been remiss or at least a bit tardy on posting this. Christine put up a nice post w/ a pic of my painting that I sent to her...I figured I could do the same for Tracy!!
The photo shows the painting I received from Tracy, it's the beautiful landscape next to the collage. It was like Christmas when it arrived (in fact it was just after Christmas)...I looked at it for a long time and kept showing it to people. Which led to explaining the art PIF. I walked around the house with it, trying to find the right place to hang it. For now, its in the kitchen, nestled with these other pieces of art. I can look at it all the time. Thanks Tracy!

PS: can anyone explain how or where i find out how to put links in the post. for example, i would have like to link tracy in this post...and Christine.


  1. hi mary ann,

    thank you for your comment! i completely forgot about PIF and as i hop around blogs a lot i forget the blogs i have visited and then find myself unable to find it again!

    needless to say, i was surprised to receive your lovely painting (thank you) and could not figure out how to immediately send you a thank you (i'm slow with snail mail so you probably would not have heard from me for a month!).

    as for linking, when you are writing a new post, there is a little icon that looks like a green earth with a chain link on top, this icon is right next to the italicize icon and the block quotes icon. highlight the word(s) you want linked (e.g. "tracy") and then click on the green earth link icon and voila! a window opens allowing you to type in the url of the destination.

    hope that helps.


  2. You seem to have found the perfect place for Tracy's beautiful painting.
    If you want to link to others you can copy from your links column and then paste it in your post.

  3. shirley and zooms, thanks for the link info, this will help! Look to see in the next post if I get it....Shirley, I'm glad you got the painting and it was a surprise and you're welcome! PIF was good for all.