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Monday, January 14, 2008

Pay it Forward and Back

What fun to find in my mailbox on this cold snowy January Monday this gift from Leslie as part of the PIF fun. (it's so great to get a gift in the regular mail) She was gracious and kind in offering to send me this chapbook of her poetry as a return gift for the painting that I sent to her. I've read a few of the poems and I feel the pull of her words. She has some of her poems posted on her blog. Thanks, Leslie!

ps. junior kitty likes it too!


  1. junior kitty is keeping the book warm for you! :) have you ever see Nora, the piano playing cat? just wondering.

  2. yes, junior is looking out for me and my books! haven't seen nora the piano playing cat, you'll have to tell me about her.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0zgQAp7EYw
    go to this link and you can watch nora play the piano. she's so cute!

  4. Thanks for including me in 'the places you can go'.I feel honoured being amongst such wonderful company. I have just recently visited Leslie's blog,
    oh what words,
    and am happy to see you got the 'link' thing working.
    Fabulous photo of Junior Kitty.

  5. hey zooms,
    you are so welcome to be in my places you can go...i hope people go to see your amazing site. and yes, Leslie does have wonderful words, I'm digesting the chapbook in nice slow bites. hooray for me and the links! Junior Kitty aka Schnooks is the best for photos, lately she is a constant at my side, she is in winter mode, snuggled in for the long run.

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