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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barn Update and Swallow Art to Boot

The barn/studio has a charcoal grey metal roof, installation shown here. All of last weekend was spent raising the barn, putting up trusses, laying the roof. Many volunteers helped! I was the camp cook! The weather was great, a bit muggy on Sunday, but no rain. I have lots of shots that I took on my son's camera that show the various stages of construction. Future postings to come.

This painting is posted for Iona who saw part of the image in a previous post about Tom the Russian Blue. It is hanging on my bedroom wall. This is the last of a series of four. One is with my sister at her home in Lakewood and two were donated to an Aids Ward at a local hospital in Cleveland. The inspiration for the paintings came while birding one spring morning. The tree swallows were flying in incredible patterns through sunlight and tall grasses.


  1. The barn is lookin' like it'll be a studio before you know it. What's your timeline???
    Metal roof will be so fine as the rain falls.

    Thanks for posting the swallows. I love them so. And how lovely for those who are able to have their spirits lifted as they take in their beauty at the hospital.
    Always helps to 'look up' no matter what the circumstance don'tcha think? :-)
    School starting? Hope you have a great first week back.

  2. our timeline is slow and steady
    until next spring it will remain a pavilion (sp? one l or two)
    this winter we'll go to auctions/warehouses and the like to look for windows.
    i love the swallows too. they were such true response to a time of day, a sense of place and the energy and joy experienced at that moment.
    yes...sigh....school is starting. all is well and off to a good start. the students are fine and the classes look promising.

  3. a pavillion is a lovely structure don't you think. A place to dash to when a sudden rain comes up. A place for a picnic table and a sketchbook. A place to dream of where those 'fabulous find' windows will be going especially... the ancient round one with the stained glass.
    Happy to hear that you're liking school!