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Monday, August 18, 2008


Ground has been broken for our barn/studio and the hard labor has begun. Bob and our friend Scuzzy Miller are working together to build it. We'll have more help coming in later in the week and over the weekend.
For now we'll build a pavilion. In the spring we'll put up walls and after that we'll work on the interior. It'll be a year or so before I'm in my new, larger space. It will be well worth the wait. Twice the size of my current studio! I have dreams and plans for holding painting workshops, having yoga classes and other great get togethers.


  1. What a thrill to see the beginning of your new Studio/barn...such a grand and glorious juxtaposition of space and use...a dream coming true...an inspiration for us all...and a thrill to be able to witness.
    This makes my heart miss the landscapes of Ohio...Thanks for letting us watch the beauty rise up from the earth.

  2. Scuzzy Miller, now there's a name that conjures images of endless creative possibilities. Is that his tractor and would he like to come for a holiday to the Caribbean on it?

  3. Wow, can't believe I haven't visited here for so long, sorry! I especially can't believe that I have missed all the excitement! yayy, a new studio! Looking forward to watch this project unfold!!