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Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Power but Flowers Bloom

Ike hit Ohio on Sunday evening with strong winds and stronger wind gusts. Trees came down and with them power lines. (one limb fell on my car, minor damage but needing body work) Here in my neck of the woods, we were without power until last night. Luckily we have a generator, we were able to keep our food, and run cold water when needed. We were reading by flashlight last night when we noticed the ceiling fan was on. We did the electricity dance! I would have made a lousy pioneer.
At least I was in my own home and mildly inconvenienced for a few days. I would think about people who've had to leave their homes for who knows how long...and it wasn't so bad. Or imagine being in a country at war...where power outages come and go, besides all the other stuff of war that you'd 'live' with.
One day this week I took these pictures of the beautiful sunflowers and Morning Glories in the front yard.


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  2. one: i wouldn't click on anything above in wow golds... two: pretty pictures... three: do you have A thousand splendid suns?

  3. i agree, no clickin on that! thanks, they are pretty pics
    and yes i've read a thousand splendid suns....loved it.

  4. do you think i could borrow it? I need a quarter read for english... and since you loved it and generally have good taste in books.... :D

  5. haha and i reread your comment and i know you read it i was asking if you owned the book haha... so if you do have it then i ask the question... if not.. never mind... :P

  6. i don't own the book. i misread your question!

  7. Wild weather is always humbling, I had no idea that Ike was in your area but am glad that you are o.k.
    Strange , despite all the damage Ivan heaped on us, our vehicle was untouched. Hope the new barn was alright?
    Lovely pics, am trying sunflowers here for the first time.