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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More 12 x 12 from the series of 12

This is titled Eight Left. My parents had eight kids. Placing the eight circles on the left led to the title but also because we are here whereas Dad has gone. Mom is still with us and I've chosen to represent her in most of these paintings as the color pink. This is always the color I think of when I think of Mom.

This one is called Blue (at least for now, another title may come to me that seems more fitting). What was interesting and fun was drawing and writing in the wet paint. Leaving marks with a lithograph pencil left surface texture which I find compelling to look at.


  1. i like them both but what did you write on the second one?

  2. haha oh so be that way about it... no it makes it more interesting that nobody can read it, but yet there are words there :P

  3. actually I can say what the words are...the bottom part says: enveloped in love now
    the top is lots of words (gibberish maybe)i was venting/expressing on the canvas.