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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rock Wall

This view is of the east side of the barn where Bob has built a retaining wall. Our neighbors built a barn and the rocks are remnants of the excavation for their barn. Bob has hauled rocks up every night this week using our New Holland tractor. Last count there were 140 rocks, which doesn't include what he brought up tonight. He is Superman! The wall isn't done yet, he has to build up more to reach the level where the concrete floor will sit. Crazy!


  1. haha Woody looks like he's on an epic journey where he is tiredly walking along next to a fantastic rock wall in hopes of reaching his along awaited destination. (Not sure where that is though.) And that painting- Earth Shine- I really like it.. i'm listening to pink floyd right now and it looks really cool with the music. i like the moon and the colors... i bet it costs a lot of money... as usual... see this is why artists starve... because nobody can afford to buy their paintings haha... just kidding. (I wonder if fat artists are still called starving? hahaha)