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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Veil

I will sing for the veil that never lifts.
I will sing for the veil that begins, once in a lifetime,
maybe,to lift.
I will sing for the rent in the veil.
I will sing for what is in front of the veil, the
floating light.
I will sing for what is behind the veil---
light, light and more light.

This is the world, and this is the work of the world.

(ahhh...such lovely words (excerpt from Work by Mary Oliver))


  1. such a fabulous poem to accompany the sweet photo and the luminous painting...when my eye first took the brush strokes there was the sensation of a 'hammock of light' ready to support and lift and hold...then there is that rich violety/blue/magenta like slather beneath giving the veil all the more a sense of bouyancy above.

  2. yes, it is a fabulous poem. I appreciate your interpretation of the veil through the painting.
    I'll be in Oberlin on Saturday..going to Bead Paradise (one of my favorite stores, truly a paradise!). Will your show still be up?

  3. Bead Paradise! Yes such a great place...I had sooo much fun there.

    No... the 'Mild Obsession' is closing on the 24th the day before ...you can stop n' see if the work is still up...I know they have an event that requires that all my paintings be put into a side gallery until I get there on Tuesday morning to load em' up n' head on back to Virginny but they didn't say when they were actually taking them down...hope you can see everything...Lynne's work is such a delight.
    talk soon