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Monday, November 10, 2008

Following a Dream

muggsi is one of my best friends. she has dreamed and talked about living in the arizona desert for as long as i've known her...(i was sixteen, waiting tables at a local coffee shop. she was a horse person. she offered me a peanut m & m, i preferred plain she claimed the plain ones aren't real m & m's. the beginning of a long friendship started.) we raised our kids together, swimming, camping, taking them birding with us, canoeing, and to pow-wows. throw in a couple of blues festivals too. she is an artist, music lover and has a great singing voice.
she was always ready to do anything at any time. she lives life in the moment.
now she'll be living the moments in her beloved desert outside of tucson. the dream is a reality. next plan is to build a straw bale house and use the spare room as a b & b. invite the birders and artists to stay...she'd act as tour guide....hmmm....birding and painting in the southwest. i don't know about you, but i'm there! and knowing muggsi, she'll have that b & b built before you know it.


  1. I have a dear soul friend who lived in Yuma and built a straw bale studio/guesthouse. she has the blog 'beyond words' listed on my blog page. it was beyond beautiful.
    How terrific that you and your long time friend are both engaged in building your dreams: literally.
    I look forward to hearing your updates on how her new chapter unfolds too.
    A Birders B n'B ~ what a wonderful vision.

  2. thanks for checkin in, i'll be looking at the beyond words blog. hopefully you'll see pictures within the year of me and her birding and painting in tucson.
    loved lookin at your pics of the kids working on projects.

  3. 'Break a leg' at the sale tomorrow.

    Westlake...I know it well from the days when it was fields and forests...probably much like where you live now.

    I hope that everything you take along finds its forever home.