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Monday, April 27, 2009

Mourning Cloak and Blandings Turtle (I LOVE SPRING!)

In Spring
Everyday something new


  1. magnificent...spring in Ohio.

    you prompted me to take my butterfly book off the shelf and I learned that the Mourning Cloak is called the Camberwell Beauty...I've not heard that name before have you? I used to raise the caterpillars of Mourning Cloaks in a screen box on my front porch in Cleveland Heights...oh so many years ago.
    Thanks for the memory!

  2. This post is lovely, from the title, through the evocative photographs and the perfect poem. Happy May Day.

  3. iona, i haven't heard the mourning cloak called the camberwell beauty. How very fun that you raised caterpillars, every year i intend to find monarch caterpillars to raise and every year i fall into lazy august mode and don't do it! you're welcome for the memory

    grazi zooms and happy may day to you! there should be a package arriving soon for you.

    also the blandings turtle doesn't really belong in the area of ohio i'm in. i've sent the pic to the local park district, theyre checking with the ohio division of wildlife about the sighting.

  4. I peer is as surprised to see people like this care about any species you see neglected or depreciated by society and show us pictures are full of tenderness and beauty