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Friday, April 10, 2009


Recently I taught a unit on portraits to my AP Studio Art class. It's fun when I get the chance to work alongside the kids. It's a symbiotic experience, they love to see their teacher create and I love creating with them. These are a few of the sketches I did, they're colored pencil on backing board.

This student is a highly expressive, messy artist. She produces works that use many media and are textural with phenomonal points of view. I envy her compositional sensibility that is incredibly strong.

This student is a lover of poetry,(e.e. cummings) music and LIFE. She looks older than 18 yrs old here. Her hair is thick and curly, and she has a strong beautiful nose. She works in oil pastel and has them mastered. Her concentration portfolio for the AP Exam is all self portrait. I'm intriqued with how she has nailed herSELF. Each piece she does truly speaks of her inner self.

Last we have this lovely student. She loves to paint flowers. She works wonderfully in pastels and she's getting a nice handle on oils. She recently finished a self portrait that is excellent. Below is her hand, she was holding a palette as she was painting a still life.

I hope to attend some portaiture sessions this summer. I want to do more!!


  1. your students are so fortunate that you are also a working, producing, exploring artist...most kids don't get to see such competent hands-on demonstrations...lovely line, so sensitive and contemplative...inspiring too...I'm feeling the urge for visiting/revisiting territories such as this...so thanks Indigo.

  2. Thanks for the kind comments Iona. There are times that teaching is so challenging that it can be both inspiring and draining. When it is draining it is easy to forget any positive impact a teacher has. And yes, I hope you can visit/revisit territories such as this, it's refreshing!