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Thursday, August 13, 2009

What have I been painting lately... on a cloudy August morning and sketchbook inspiration.

okay, so there's plenty to look at here.
it was one of those clouds hanging heavy over the trees and earth kind of misty mornings.
i was hoping to go out and do some plein air painting but the weather kept me in. i was staring out the studio back door wishing i could go out to paint.
just looking out.
it started with a quick study (not shown) then led to another.

then another.

then this big one. 36 x 48. it's striking in real large life. i wish the digital photos conveyed how they feel like the atmospheric cloudiness of the day.

this is a sketchbook scribble paint drawing which

led to this.

i bought this canvas at a yard sale when i was in Chautauqua earlier this summer. it was already painted on and heavily textured, 36 x 36 in size. i had some fun messin' around with the surface texture--scraping away areas and adding my own lines, shapes and textures.

i call it Flight. i think of my mom and dad, not that they fled but are in flight, beautiful flight.


  1. I love the progression and the inspired flow on these. I am so sorry about your mom and that you are parent less in the physical world now. You really take after your mom in appearance! Both beautiful.

  2. Brooke, thanks for your kind words, especially about my mom. it is odd to consider being an orphan--but in the physical world--so important to remember that. and yes, i do look like my mom--so much so that people who knew my mom before she was married have asked me if i was her daughter--not knowing that she had married and had children!

  3. The photographs of your parents at the entrance to your site make such a lovely tribute to them both.

    This is a wonderful progression of paintings to see Indigo and the size has got to make them stunning 'in person'.
    I like the idea of buying a used canvas and then playing around with it...an altered painting...and I enjoy seeing what you made happen with it...another sort of tribute.