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Monday, August 3, 2009

Art Studio Coming Along

Our Barn/Studio is in the 2nd phase of construction! Vinyl siding is going up as I post.
The above photo shows the great view from my neighbor's yard.

Below is the inside view from what will be the back wall of the studio looking out to the back yard.

This view is from the side yard looking at the long wall, left half is barn and right half is studio.

More pics to follow of the outside completion! This winter we'll finish the interior, the plan is to move in next spring!!!


  1. Oh Happy Day!
    I love seeing all the different views...so cool.

    How over the top completely wonderfully exciting...if you can dream it you can create it...and you're doing a wonderful job of that!!

    When you say barn to the left and studio to the right...will you be sharing the space with any critters???

  2. No critters, the barn area is for tractor storage, garden tools, etc. My husband will use the space for all sorts of things-you could say its a studio of sorts for him.
    Right now our garage is where we park the tractor in the winter plus store all the other yard stuff-- not ideal for parking cars in during our snow belt winters.
    Back to critters, I imagine my cats will migrate to the space when I'm working in it.
    So true about dreams!