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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Art's Barn  Oil on Canvas (16 x 20)

A couple of summers ago, my sisters and I visited a friends home which is an old farm situated on a pretty piece of land about 15 minutes from home.  I took several reference photos that day, with every intention of getting back to spend some time painting on site.  I never did. 
Every so often I'd come across the photos.  Last week I began this painting of her barn and I finished it today.  It's such a great old barn, kinda weathered and falling apart.  Most intriquing to me is the opening from the door in front through the back door, you can see through to the view behind the barn. The whitish rectangle in the painting is the opening.  In my reference photo the view is from back to front so the white I've shown is actually her house.
 That day carried the weight of summer-- heavy with moisture plus the sounds of a summer afternoon. Looking through that opening, the negative space was the frame for the sensations of that day.
This summer I'll paint en plein air at her house, painting the view through the opening to the back.
 (Linda if you're reading this, can I come and paint at your house again?)


  1. The barn feels like a sanctuary--I think you bring that to your paintings. I like that the red barn is in the foreground and cropped--a beautiful, peaceful painting. It invites you to walk through the barn.

  2. I love your work and think it quite funny that I happened upon your blog after recently moving from Northeast Ohio back to the Southwest. I'll look forward to many visits. Vicky

  3. Hi Hallie and thanks for noting that the barn feels like a sanctuary, I hadn't seen it that way and it makes me glad to know that it is how it can be perceived. It's enlightening to see your work through another's lens.
    Vicky, Thank you, I'm glad you happened upon my blog. Where did you live?