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Monday, March 1, 2010

For the love and mystery of Crows

About ten years ago I had a dream about a crow sitting on my left shoulder.  I sculpted this terracotta piece after having the dream. (it fell off a shelf a few years ago, excuse the cracks and glue!) I wrapped a Great Blue Heron around my back and shoulder.
I included a computer drawn image of the dream in the center of a collage, the image shown above is zoomed in.

After talking about crows in my last post and I found that there is a kindred feeling many of us share towards them.  I love their smart, canny ways. The crowish way they move and walk. That certain tilt to the head.
Crow lovers know what I mean and could add much more.
So I got to thinking about the crows I have at home in my own art or others.
My Picasso postcard from the Cleveland Museum of Art, of  Woman with Crow. (One of my most favorite paintings!)
My stuffed felt crow made by the woman who runs the fabric shop out in Amish country.
I have more crows in garden art, on ceramic pieces from other artists...I wasn't aware of my crow volume until I took stock!
Thinking about it even more, crows are used in art quite often.  Leafing through art magazines, you can find crow imagery frequently.  Ubiquitous.  Why?  Is this part of our Collective Unconscious?

Not a crow, but a raven from a larger painting of mine. Now there's a bird I love and I've never seen one!  But I will.

What's your crow story? Do you have crows in your art?


  1. I did not know you were a sculptor too. I just checked out crows/ravens on Wikipedia. They play great parts in mythology--and were even present at the birth of the first Dali Lama (not sure of the spelling) and the present one. I've only seen crows--not ravens; probably why I haven't heard them say "Nevermore."

    I think I like crows/ravens because most don't see their beauty and farmers consider them pests (I'm okay with snakes, too). I believe everything is here for a reason and I like the crow's arrogant strut.

    Yes, you will see a raven.

  2. Hi Hallie, I'm not really a sculptor, I just play one on TV...no, really I just play around with clay once in a while. I teach ceramics, both wheelthrowing and handbuilding.
    I'm ok with snakes as well, now my husband, that's another story...he used to gather eggs for his grandma when he was little, he had a few run-ins with snakes, YIKES!

  3. Your husband can't be as bad as my mother. She once killed my brother's sock with the hoe. It was black and lying in the hallway. (I think she had been an egg-gatherer, too.)