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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Painting in Acrylics~~~Haven't used them in a while!

Acrylic on Canvas  24 x 24

While the students were painting their figure paintings I painted this portrait of one of the student models.  We've been using acrylics for this assignment.  Its been a while since I completed a painting in acrylic.  Wow, sooo different than working in oil.  I didn't realize how accustomed I am to using oils. 
I started painting with acrylics when I was in college; which is when I discovered how much I love painting.  I also  painted with oils, but I didn't begin to truly 'get' oils until the last 10 years or so; when I dedicated all of my painting to oil painting.
I only used water to move the acrylics, so they were drying quickly...at times good, and at times frustratingly bad.  I could have used a medium to push the flow and moisture of the paint.  Hindsight is 20/20!
I enjoyed painting with the acrylics and loved painting a person. 
Yesterday I used acrylics as an underpainting for a large oil landscape.  The results so far are exciting. 


  1. Hello, i recently began painting in acrylics again after using watercolors for many years. I mainly used the fluid acrylics for mixed media work. So when i began underpainting and glazing i was very frustrated with how quickly the acrylics dried and how hard it was to blend. So i tried Golden's OPEN acrylics and they are fantastic. They are vibrant colors that allow you time to blend and work the paints. They aren't like oils that don't dry for days but they do give you time to play and work them a little. I also added a little slo dri retardent for good measure! just thought i would pass this info along!

  2. Hi Carolina Moon, That is such a coincidence that you bring up the OPEN acrylics. I was just at the Art store and they were cleaning up from giving a demo about them. I talked to them about the product and almost bought some (so easy to get sidetracked at the art store!)but decided to wait. Thanks for the info about them, I plan to get some and play!

  3. Hi Indigomar. I thought I left a comment yesterday. I like your painting. I've gotten accustomed to the fast drying of acrylics. When I use the Golden Opens (I like them) or alkyds, my hand or fingers always end up in the wet paint.